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yes, it says cinnabob, but chances are you aren’t following it! ;^;

so uh

please go follow it

or not


P.S. i’m cinnabob, just changed the name of this account so i could put it on the new account

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FUCK, why did i follow so many blogs?

i’m like going through all of them to see which ones i should follow again. i think i’ll be refollowing a lot of them. (this account follows like 526, i think)

So u renamed the this old one n named the new one cinnabob? U kinda lost me lol

that’s exactly what i did! o_o

What’s this here?

you already follow that account, bbz. that’s the doodle one (now it’s gonna be my main one)

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so uh hey i’m cinnabob.

i just switched my name to another account. i think i’m going to use/hang out on the other account more often than this one ‘cause this one is just like doo-doo. just reblog upon reblog upon reblog, you know? for the other account, i’ll just post doodles, the occasional reblog, and the normal stupid shit i say. o_o so if you could follow the other acount (cinnabob), that would be great. ORRRR you could just not follow me anymore. i’d be okay with that too, if that’s what you want.

Reblog if you think your voice is unattractive.



My fucking laugh man.

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They should just add an “omg” key to keyboards

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